Artist's Statement

I am inspired by the untamed beauty, vivid color, and ever-changing light of the natural world. As I stand with my camera before each enchanting landscape bestowed by Mother Nature, I aim to capture that fleeting moment when all the elements harmoniously align. These are the moments I live for. I am thankful that my camera gives me the opportunity to immortalize these encounters and share them with the world through my photography. I am especially excited to capture and share images of the Pacific Northwest, my home since being lured here by the beauty of the landscape in 2008.

While camera technology has undergone remarkable advancements, there often remains a notable gap between the raw image captured and the reality I witnessed firsthand. Today’s digital darkroom allows me to process each image in a manner that faithfully mirrors my personal encounter with the scene. While this artistic journey undoubtedly reflects my unique perspective, my intent is to remain true to the essence of the original moment. It is an immense privilege to share these personal encounters with those who view my photographs, and I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity.

My photographs are available for purchase as ready-to-hang ChromaLuxe metal prints in various sizes.

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions. Thank you!